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Help Secure Your Future with Specialized IT Skills

Cyber threats continue to increase, as do the opportunities for information security and assurance experts. Several trends are driving this fact. More businesses are storing their data offsite in the cloud and more employees have remote access to systems and data. This provides some uncertainty, as does the use of non-sanctioned devices on company networks. Cybercrime is also a reality for large corporations, e-commerce companies, defense firms, and, of course, the federal government.

Information security and assurance is an ever-changing quest that challenges professionals at each turn. Staying ahead of the threat requires up-to-the-moment knowledge, like the curriculum available here at Norwich University. We are one of the first information assurance schools to be designated as a Center of Academic Excellence by the National Security Agency and Department of Homeland Security. You can find exceptional opportunities to help sharpen your skills and gain greater proficiency with us.

Online Master of Science in Information Security & Assurance at Norwich University

Norwich University has been an innovator in education for almost 200 years. We extend a tradition of values-based education, where structured, disciplined, and rigorous studies create a challenging and rewarding experience. Online programs, such as the Master of Science in Information Security & Assurance, have made our comprehensive curriculum available to more students than ever before. We are also able to extend scholarships available to students who meet specific admissions requirements.

This convenient study option at Norwich University allows you to focus on the area of information security that is most relevant to your career path and educational goals. You can choose from one of four concentrations that are uniquely designed to provide an in-depth examination of policies, procedures, and overall structure of an information assurance program. These four distinct areas of study include:

Computer Forensic Investigation/Incident Response Team Management

  • Focus on computer security and incident response.
  • Learn to create, train, and manage a Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT).
  • Examine the protocols for conducting computer forensic investigations.
  • Become familiar with the tools and techniques for investigation within a civil or criminal environment.

Project Management

  • Focus first on the key elements of project management, including the project management framework and life cycle.
  • Develop project process and key project management knowledge in areas such as scope, time, cost, quality, and schedule management.
  • Broaden your knowledge by introducing important project leadership, communication and team management skills.
  • Integrate your skills with the foundational concepts and practice elements.

Critical Infrastructure Protection & Cyber Crime:  

  • Examine the security of information in computer and communication networks within infrastructure sectors that are critical to national security.
  • Explore the nature of conflict in cyber space focusing primarily on cyber terrorism and cyber crime.
  • Strengthen your knowledge of the role of Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition systems (SCADA) in the flow of resources such as electricity, water, and fuel.
  • Assess techniques and countermeasures used to mitigate and prevent the impact of cyber attacks while preparing for future threats.

Vulnerability Management:   

  • Gain subject matter expertise and practical applicability of penetration testing to understand and address security vulnerabilities.
  • Explore how to conduct legal and ethical security tests and vulnerability assessments.
  • Get hands-on experience in a virtual lab environment with exercises that replicate real-world scenarios.
  • Learn to use key open source tools such as the Metasploit Framework.

Cyber Law and International Perspectives on Cyberspace:

  • Strengthen your knowledge of the legal and policy measures designed to address cyber breaches and key global governance frameworks and organizations, including the International Telecommunications Union, the World Bank Information and Communications Technology Sector and the US Federal Communications Commission.
  • Assess the challenges associated with implementing international cyberspace policies, investment strategies and the implementation of communication and information technologies within the global economy.
  • Examine the ethical, legal and policy frameworks around information security and assurance.
  • Strengthen your knowledge of key topics including: privacy and intellectual property protection, electronic contracting and payments, non-repudiation and cyber crime and fair information practices.

Each of these concentrations also delivers a relevant overview of security standards and computer security models, as well as topics that cover effective technology, risk management, and analytics. Our goal is to reinforce your existing information security knowledge, while also supporting your needs for advanced study of the management skills necessary to implement an enterprise-wide information assurance program.

If you are transitioning into the IS field or looking to enhance your IS-related skill set, Virtual Security Cloud Labs, a secure, hands-on cloud computing platform, will provide you the opportunity to work on real world business scenarios using IS tools to prepare you for a demanding career in IS.

Pursuing Your Online Master of Science in Information Security & Assurance

Statistics indicate that opportunities continue to outpace the availability of qualified information security and assurance professionals. There are many high-level roles available for those who receive the advanced education and training necessary to move up the ladder. Some of these careers include chief security officer, security administrator, and chief information security officer. Studying at Norwich University can help you:

  • Earn your degree in as few as 18 months. Scholarships are available to students who meet specific admissions requirements.
  • Gain current, real-world understanding of information security challenges that go beyond the boundaries of the data center.
  • Earn your masters from a recognized university:’s 2015 survey ranks Norwich in the Top 10 for Best Online Masters of Information Assurance and Security Degree Programs.
  • Develop a thorough foundation in the business, governance, and policy decisions that lead to effective solutions to current and emerging security threats.
  • Enjoy an experiential learning model that combines relevant theory with immediate workplace applications.
  • Go from theory to practice by completing an individual case study or research project that provides real-world relevance.

Choosing an Online Masters from Norwich University

Our online curriculum is ideal for busy professionals who need the flexibility to attend classes on their own schedule. All students in the Master of Science in Information Security & Assurance Program will enjoy learning opportunities that allow for direct interaction with remarkable faculty members who have made information technology their life’s work.

All courses are taught by accomplished faculty members with experience in handling digital incidents and managing security threats. This is a primary reason why we have been designated as a Center of Academic Excellence by the National Security Agency and Department of Homeland Security.

Small classes facilitate your ability to network with a core group of fellow students that share your professional interests. Students also receive the support of a dedicated program staff that provides guidance in helping you achieve your career goals. When you enroll with us, you gain access to a dynamic learning community that includes an extensive network of successful alumni from around the globe.

Established in 1819, our nationally recognized institution of higher education is recognized as the birthplace of ROTC and home of the first private military college in the United States. Norwich University is regionally accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges, Inc., through its Commission on Institutions of Higher Education.

To learn more about  the online Master of Science in Information Security & Assurance at Norwich University – and how you can pursue specialization in the area that meets your goals for the future – please submit the form on this page.